It Gets Hot in the Car!

Did you know that in just 5 to 10 minutes, the temperature inside your car can cause serious health problems for your pet?

Unfortunately so - in just 10 minutes, the temperature inside your vehicle can reach 1.5 times the outside temperature. Animals can’t evacuate heat the way we do (i.e., by sweating); they can only do it through their paws and ears, and panting. That’s why it takes a very long time for them to lower their body temperature in hot weather.

Even if your car is in the shade, its temperature can still rise to critical levels; and even if the windows are rolled down, it doesn’t make much difference.

When it’s hot outside, please leave your pet at home when you run errands, as a short five-minute wait can easily turn into fifteen, and that’s when you can put your pet at risk.


If your pet shows signs of heat stroke, please contact one of our clinics as soon as possible.


What to do if you see an animal in this situation:

  1. Note vehicle plate number, make and model.
  2. Notify the managers of nearby stores so that they can make an announcement on their premises.
  3. Call the local police.
  4. Stay near the vehicle and wait for help to arrive.

What to do if your pet suffers from the heat:

  1. Remove your pet from the vehicle and give them fresh water.
  2. Place your pet in a cool place, use wet towels or run cool water over their head, neck, abdomen, and legs.
  3. Call your vet immediately and follow his recommendations.


Danielle P., TSA

Hôpital Vétérinaire Blainville