Specialized Services


Since cancer affects 25% of the canine population, our specialists are there to offer you all the possible alternatives to ensure the comfort of your pets and thus extend their life.

As if he was our own!

Why consult in oncology?

When we suspect cancer, the first step is to establish an accurate diagnosis and determine the extent of the disease. Cancer leads to the death of 50% of dogs and cats over 10 years old.

Our veterinary oncologists are there to guide you through the various possible treatments.

Our priority: ensuring a good quality of life for your pet by minimizing the appearance of side effects.


Our veterinary oncologists ensure your pet’s comfort, and help prolong their life in case of cancer.

Available Services

It is possible to determine with the referring veterinarians the best treatment plan for their patients.

The strategy adopted depends on a multitude of factors including the type of cancer, its location, the extent of the disease and the condition of each animal.

We offer different types of treatment according to your pet’s needs:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Oncological surgery
  • Radiation

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We use chemotherapy when a cancer has spread or has a high potential to spread.

The chemotherapeutic agents, targeted therapies or immunotherapy are available in several forms. Some drugs must be administered intravenously, others orally or subcutaneously.

We can administer a single drug or a combination according to a pre-established protocol.

The choice of a drug or a protocol depends on the general condition of the animal, the type of cancer and the financial limits of the client.

The duration of a treatment varies according to the drug used and can take from 5 minutes to a day. Prolonged hospitalization is rarely necessary.

The side effects associated with chemotherapy are not common, contrary to the protocols used in human medicine. They vary and depend on the drugs used and the individual susceptibilities of the animal.

Usually, these effects are short-lived and resolve without much intervention. Less than 5% of patients are hospitalized following treatment and less than 1% die from the consequences.

Our priority is above all to ensure a good quality of life for our patients by minimizing the appearance of major side effects.

The animals treated at our centre are entrusted to a technician specializing in oncology who makes sure to provide them with all the special care required by their condition.

Because we understand the stress experienced by owners of animals suffering from cancer, all our efforts converge to reassure the owners.

We are here for your companions!

This service is available at the following emergency and referral centers:

Centre Vétérinaire Laval
4530, A. 440
Laval, QC H7T 2P7
1 877-651-2152 (Toll Free)
Centre Vétérinaire Rive-Sud
7415 boul. Taschereau
Brossard, QC J4Y 1A2
1 866-524-4877 (Toll Free)