Humans are not the only one subject to bad luck.

Veterinary care is inevitable once you adopt a pet. Why not better manage the expenses related to your pet by providing insurance?

An Ounce of Prevention…

Did you know that nowadays, you could spend more than $1000 per year for the care of your cat or dog, including food, accessories, grooming and basic veterinary care? This amount excludes, of course, all the little accidents in the life of your furball, whether big or small!

A surprise visit to the emergency room because Rover has eaten an unknown object and needs surgery, or because Kitty has fallen off the roof and has a fracture, could bring you a lot of worries and unplanned expenses!

Today, several companies offer pet insurance.  You have insurance for your family - you can also have insurance for your pet. They are part of the family after all!

Ask your veterinarian for advice on your next visit! Depending on your pet's breed, some insurance may be more appropriate than others.

A few insurers

You should know that many other companies can offer you pet insurance. We suggest here only the most popular ones with our customers.