The Holidays Are Fast Approaching!

Decorations, guests, and good food will be on the agenda for your holiday celebrations!

In order for everything to go smoothly for your pets, here are some precautions you should take:

  • Never leave dishes unattended, as cooked turkey bones, desserts, chocolate or even bread dough could cause serious harm to your pet.
  • Tell your guests and children not to give table food to your pets.
  • The poinsettia, Jerusalem cherry and Christmas cactus are poisonous plants for your pets. Keep them out of their reach.
  • Watch out for icicles, garlands and breakable balls in your tree. In addition, if you have a natural tree, hide the base to prevent your pets from drinking water. Your tree’s needles are toxic to rabbits.
  • Put gifts in a safe place. Discard all bows and decorative ribbons quickly.
  • If your pet is stressed, bring him to a quiet place. The use of Féliway or Adaptil helps reduce stress in cats and dogs.
  • When your guests leave, watch out for runaways!