Why Buy Your Pet Food in a Veterinary Boutique Rather Than in a Pet Store?

Because it is a natural extension of our veterinary care services offered to you and your pets. We believe that your pet's health is linked to nutrition with high quality, scientifically developed food, proper care, and enrichment of your pet’s environment through entertaining activities and toys. Thus, we want to create a bond of trust between you, your pet, and our team.

Over the years, we have seen and examined your pet and gotten to know their temperament, medical history and daily habits. That is why we probably are the best qualified to advise you on food and other frequently used products for them. We are confident that you will find answers to your questions through our qualified personnel, our animal health technicians, or our veterinarians. In a warm atmosphere that you’re already familiar with, our teams will guide you and advise you on the products sold in the different sections of the boutique.

A wide range of options is available, including daily maintenance food, specialized food for weight management, urinary infections, gastrointestinal issues, etc. All types of food available are high quality, nutritious products designed specifically for a specific stage of life or particular medical or health issues. If we detect a medical issue in your pet, such as being overweight, having allergies, rapid build-up of tartar and plaque or even skin problems, we are able to recommend care products or therapeutic food that will help you in managing your animal’s condition.

Our boutiques also offer you a wide range of products such as shampoos, dental hygiene products, joint supplements and a multitude of accessories (toys, leashes, necklaces, bowls, etc...). They also include a section dedicated to your cat or dog’s behavior and our teams of animal health specialists are available to give you sound advice to make informed choices.

As the overall health of your pet is our highest priority, it goes without saying that we can advise you on accessories, beauty and care products, and toys. For the daily well-being of your cat or dog, we can suggest accessories and toys suited to their personality, during or after your pet’s veterinary consultation or even without prior consultation.

So, during your pet’s next visit with us, do not hesitate to consult our team and make sure to ask all the questions related to your pet’s health. We will be happy to explain  how food and accessories found in our boutique could improve their daily lives.