How do I Prepare Fido for his Alternative Medicine Appointment?

Has your veterinarian suggested osteopathy or acupuncture for Fido? Here are some guidelines to help you prepare for his first appointment.

Osteopathy and acupuncture can be very effective in alleviating various health conditions in animals, including, of course, difficulties and pain in the locomotor, nervous, digestive, respiratory, urinary and skin systems, by releasing certain tensions and acting on the immune system and inflammation for many conditions.

There are no known restrictions to acupuncture and osteopathy, other than the presence of an acute condition requiring primary medical and/or surgical care. Of course, it will be easier to confirm the most appropriate course of treatment once your dog has been examined.

It is usually suggested to schedule 3 visits, 2 to 4 weeks apart at first. Relief is most often felt after the first appointment.

Osteopathic and/or acupuncture consultations include the animal’s case review, general examination in conventional and Chinese medicine, osteopathic examination, treatment, and advice on physical rehabilitation, acupressure and therapeutic massage at home and other as required.

Don't forget to ask your family veterinarian to send a PDF copy of your pet's medical file before his appointment, so that the veterinarian can review it.

When booking an appointment, make sure that there is at least 7 days between this appointment and any other recent veterinary visit or potentially stressful event for your pet, such as boarding, grooming or nail trimming.