Beware of Mushrooms!

It’s great to take a walk in the forest with your pet. The air is pleasantly cool, we can see wildlife, and admire our beautiful Quebec flora. As you probably know, not all wild mushrooms are edible, and the same risk goes for our four-legged friends!


Closer to home, our domestic compost also represents a danger due to the fungi and yeasts that grow in it from decomposing foods. We recommend blocking access to the compost bin to prevent your dog or cat from eating from it; this also helps avoid the risk of ingesting a foreign object such as a bone, a corn cob, or similar items.


Every year, many cases of mycotoxin poisoning are treated in our emergency centres. A family veterinarian cannot fully manage this type of poisoning, as your pet must be treated quickly to save its life. If your pet shows signs of hypersalivation and/or severe muscular contractions (stiffness and shaking), and you suspect that they may have eaten a mushroom or some compost, go to one of our vet emergency centres immediately.


Danielle P., TSA

Hôpital Vétérinaire Blainville