Training Your Puppy

Adopting a puppy opens the door to a great adventure! It is essential to be patient in the first weeks. Give your puppy time to learn how to live with his new family!

Here are some points to remember for his training to go smoothly:

  • Choose a short name that does not sound like a command.
  • Say his name often and reward him when he looks at you. Also, teach him to sit before each interaction, whether to feed him, play or cuddle him.
  • The command “come” should be part of learning. This will allow you to recall him quickly in inappropriate situations. At home or at the park, just do it for fun or to give him a treat; otherwise he'll associate the command with putting on the leash.
  • Alternate toys regularly and find new games. Whether he’s big or small, activity goes a long way in preventing behavioral problems. Avoid confrontational games (ex: tug of war).
  • Offer him chewing periods on a regular basis. In addition to keeping him busy, you will take care of his teeth.
  • Regularly handle his ears, mouth and paws (including the claws). This will make ear cleaning, tooth brushing and nail trimming more enjoyable.
  • To facilitate potty training, choose a specific place. This way, it will be easier for him to associate that he has to do his business there (ex: dive or lawn).
  • Socialization, positive reinforcement, and frequent outings are key to keeping your pet happy!

Your dog will often communicate with non-verbal language. It is therefore important to know his calming signals.

Congratulations on adopting your new companion!