Three Activities to Do With Your Dog This Fall

You have closed the pool for the winter, the leaves are starting to fall, the pumpkins will soon be lounging in front of your home for Halloween ... in short, summer is over! But the cooler weather is not a reason to stay home with your pet. Here are 3 activities that will make you go out and enjoy the beautiful autumn colours.

  1. Fall hiking in natural parks:

Why not enjoy the warm autumnal scenery while going on a hike? Several national parks allow our canine friends to walk on their trails. You can check which one right here. Something to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful foliage colours of the season!

  1. Canicross:

Are you a runner or want to get back in shape after the summer? Then, canicross is for you! Practiced for more than 30 years in Europe, the sport arrived in Quebec about ten years ago. It's simple: the dog becomes your running partner. With an elastic harness, your dog will guide you while running in front of you. You control the run’s intensity with your straps, collaborating with your doggie. Races are organized every week this fall, but you can also practice the sport in your neighbourhood by getting a harness especially designed for this purpose. We do recommend that you register for an introductory course, because this activity is more technical than it looks!

  1. Picking pumpkins and squash:

The picking of these autumnal gourds is pleasant for little ones and  big ones alike, and even the dogs ! They will be able to frolic in the fields and through the trees and enjoy the outside air. In addition, at the end of the day, you can prepare delicious soups to warm you up!