She’s Not Fat… She’s Just Fluffy!

Do you like Kitty's plumpness? However, her curves are a ticking time bomb.

Obesity is defined as being 10 to 20% overweight when compared to the ideal weight for a given breed. In America, it is estimated that approximately 58% of cats are obese or overweight!

Fat is almost an organ in itself. It secretes many substances, some of which cause inflammation. Obesity increases the burden on the heart and legs. It also predisposes to diabetes, chronic respiratory problems, urinary problems, liver problems, and constipation.

Therefore, it is important to measure your cat's food intake and promote exercise. Offering canned food will reduce the caloric intake and significantly increase the water intake of your pet. Your doubts have been confirmed: Kitty needs to go on a diet! There are low-calorie veterinary diets and weight-loss programs available. However, this weight loss must be gradual and supervised. Adding an interactive bowl to the environment will spice up Kitty's life and force her to move to "earn" her food. This is a great trick for compulsive eaters!

Don't hesitate to bring up the issue during your next visit to your veterinarian. When it comes to obesity, prevention is better! It's not that easy to get Kitty back to a healthy weight!