Kitty’s Vacation

You have planned a trip abroad or you are going away for a few days?

You have thought of everything: bags are  packed, the neighbour will come and feed the cats. No problem, your cats don't go outside, they are young and healthy... Be careful, appearances can be deceiving!

A frequent situation: the neighbour comes over but never sees the cats. They stay hidden, but the food dishes go down.

In preparation for your departure, it would be wise not to try out any new food in case the cats refuse to eat it. A cat that goes three days without eating will develop liver changes. It may be difficult to restore her appetite if the situation persists! If Kitty is given medication, make sure her guardian is comfortable administering it and understands the instructions and possible side effects. Did you know that some products are available to reduce anxiety and therefore stress in cats? Synthetic hormones can be released into the environment with diffusers in preparation for your departure. Hydrolyzed milk protein capsules that are added to their food help create a calming effect.

Watching someone else's cats is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. The guardian should spend enough time with your cats to know what is going on with them. They should clean the litter box(es) daily to check the amount of urine and feces. They should inspect the house to see if the cats have been chewing on things, or if they have knocked over or broken things and are in danger of hurting themselves.

When in doubt, leave your veterinarian contact information with your guardian. Calling the clinic does not automatically mean a trip will happen!

Your guardian should also be able to reach you in case of a problem, whether by phone, text or email. If this is not possible, you should leave clear instructions. What care do you allow? What if the cat needs to be hospitalized? Or needs surgery? How much money are you willing to spend? Talking about possible problems can save a lot of trouble for the person who is so kind and dedicated enough to taking care of your cats while you are soaking up the sun!

Furthermore, if Kitty's condition is critical, your guardian may be faced with the decision to euthanize... a simple discussion beforehand can save a lot of trouble!

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!