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At any time, you are never far from one of our teams that will take care of your companion during an emergency.

As if he was our own!

During normal opening hours, it is possible to come for an animal that requires immediate assistance.

Your pet may first be examined by a technician to determine if a veterinarian's care is immediately necessary.

For an emergency appointment, we recommend that you always call before going to one of our establishments.

If our team cannot see your pet within a reasonable period of time during our opening hours, we will redirect you to our nearest emergency centre or hospital:

Sometimes it's important to seek prompt medical attention when your pet seems unwell. Symptoms such as difficulty breathing, a significant decrease in their energy level, or a major injury may indicate that your pet needs to be examined urgently.
Dr Maude Perez, v.m.
Hôpital Vétérinaire Ville St-Laurent