Have You Heard of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease?

This new disease saw its first case in Quebec last July but has been around for some time in Europe.

It's a potentially fatal disease that only affects rabbits and hares, and is not contagious for other pet species, nor for humans.

For your rabbits, on the other hand, this disease is highly contagious and can be transmitted via clothing, shoes, or any other direct or indirect contact.

Studies even show that it stays in the environment for a long time.

Note that rabbits can catch it even if they don’t go outside, if their owner has contact with other non-vaccinated rabbits.


What can you do to prevent this disease?

Fortunately, a vaccine has been developed to protect your rabbits! It can be administered from 10 weeks of age and is effective within 7 days of administration.

As the vaccine has been developed and tested in Europe for several years, we are confident of its efficacy and safety.

Please note that booster shots are required annually, to prolong its efficacy.


What types of rabbits should receive this vaccine?

  • Rabbits in contact with several other rabbits (boarding, show, breeder, etc.),
  • Rabbits whose owners are in contact with rabbits that are not theirs,
  • Rabbits with access to the outdoors, and
  • Newly adopted rabbits, regardless of their origin (shelter, breeder, private owner).