Take Care of our Paws!

Summer is here and hot days are ahead. Beware, however, as these high temperatures can also affect your pet’s health. Scorching surfaces such as asphalt can inflict severe burns on your companion’s paw pads. On a sunny day, this type of surface can become much hotter than the surrounding air.


Here’s an example of temperature differences between the asphalt’s surface and the ambient temperature:

Ambient temperature ======˃ Asphalt

25 °C  ======˃  52 °C

30 °C  ======˃  57 °C

31 °C  ======˃  62 °C

Before going for a walk, we recommend that you do the hand test. Place your hand on the sidewalk and if you can’t tolerate its heat for more than 30 seconds, it means that it’s too hot for your dog as well. In this case, go for walks in the early morning or late evening, when the temperatures are cooler. If you don’t have the choice of walking your dog in the middle of the day, we recommend that you have them walk on grass, or use forest trails. There are also walking boots for dogs, made to protect their footpads.

If your dog, or even your cat, shows signs of burns on their paw pads, contact us quickly to book an appointment.


Danielle P., TSA

Hôpital Vétérinaire Blainville