Halloween Safety – No Tricks Needed!

Halloween night doesn't have to be a scary experience for your cat! All you have to do to make sure the festivities run smoothly is to make sure everything is safe for your cat, without sacrificing the fun, of course! Here are some tips to make your Halloween celebrations spooky... only for humans!

Outdoor Cats
Don't let Kitty go out on Halloween night, there will be plenty of people roaming around in the streets! To prevent her from sneaking between your legs while you're handing out treats, you can confine her to a room with a window view so she can see the little monsters outside! When children come to your door, go outside to hand out treats and close the door behind you.

Candy and Wrappers
Remember, do not give your cat treats intended for human consumption! Everyone has their own treats! Keep Halloween bags and their contents in a closed area that is inaccessible to other pets in the house. Some cats are just too curious! While enjoying your candy, make sure you throw away the wrappers and lollipop sticks and don't let your cat play with them! There is a significant risk of intestinal obstruction if they were to be ingested.

Decorations and Candles
Decorate the house wisely. Use safe decorations and avoid anything that cats can eat or chew (e.g., rope, string, spider webs, etc.). Never leave lit candles unattended.

Halloween Costume
Although it may seem like a lot of fun, it's preferable not to dress up or have your kitty wear Halloween accessories. Costumes are uncomfortable and stressful for your cat, who might chew on them and even ingest parts of them. Of course, dressing them up for a few pictures isn't a big deal, but the entire evening might be more difficult for Kitty!

Nervous Cats
If your pet gets nervous when she hears sudden noises, doors slamming, or children screaming outside, isolate her in a room. To prevent further stress from surrounding noises in the evening, put on some quiet music to cover them.

Various alternatives such as Feliway and Zylkene can greatly help with stress management; talk to one of our animal health technicians!

In short, the most important thing to remember is prevention! If you have any questions or concerns about your cat's safety this Halloween, don't hesitate to talk to our team!

Besides, our whole team wishes you and your feline companions a very happy (and safe) Halloween!