Ferret Vaccination

Distemper is a fatal disease in ferrets. Several animals can carry the virus (dog, fox, raccoon, skunk, etc.) and transmit it to ferrets through nasal/oral secretions, urine, stools and even by direct contact with the skin. Symptoms associated with the disease include high fever, weakness, decreased appetite, redness/swelling of the skin, thickening of the paw pads, purulent discharge from the nostrils and eyes, sneezing, cough, and neurological symptoms. When a ferret is infected with this virus, there is unfortunately no possible treatment. However, there is an effective vaccine to adequately immunize your ferret against distemper. To ensure good protection, this vaccine must be given every year.

It is also recommended to vaccinate ferrets annually against rabies, a fatal disease in all mammals including humans.

An annual visit to your veterinarian is therefore essential to the good health of your animal!