The Basket Muzzle : a Tool, Not a Constraint

When we hear about a muzzle, several images come to mind. However, this tool would benefit from being used in different contexts. A responsible owner must ensure that the environment where the dog is located is safe for everyone, whether the elderly, young children or people with health issues are present.

It is possible to use the basket muzzle to perform manipulations in a safe way, or to work on socialization with dogs or humans. If your dog is in a family context where there are many children, why not use it? It will give you peace of mind. You can also use it for a dog who tends to get into everything during parties, or when he's outside!

A gradual introduction of this tool is paramount, to bring your dog to make a positive association when he sees this accessory.

Step 1

  • Show him the muzzle (on the ground or on his cushion) and give him a treat.
  • Hide the muzzle without giving him a treat.
  • Repeat this exercise as often as necessary so that he associates the muzzle with food. He must be happy to see the object!

Step 2

  • Place a treat in the muzzle and present it to your dog.
  • If he takes the food, praise him!
  • Repeat this step several times.

Step 3

  • Show him the muzzle without putting treats in it. If he puts his nose in it, offer him his treat!
  • You must alternate between step 2 and 3 as often as needed.

Step 4

  • Put a treat in the muzzle, let him put his nose in it and fasten the strap without tightening it.
  • Praise your dog and remove the muzzle immediately.
  • If he shows signs of stress, do not insist and go back to the previous step.

Step 5

  • Repeat the previous steps, but this time tighten the strap by gradually.
  • Praise your dog and remove the muzzle immediately.
  • If he shows signs of stress, do not insist and return to step 3.

Keep in mind that there must be a positive association and that you should never force your pet to put it on. Do short sessions, repeat them often, and play with your dog so that he becomes comfortable with having something on his muzzle.

Compared to the nylon muzzle (used for short durations), this one allows the dog to pant (perfect for summer!), drink, eat treats and express themselves. The basket muzzle is available in several shapes and colors. In addition, nothing prevents you from adding a little touch of whimsy!