Are you repulsed by your pet’s bad breath?

Bad breath is often a sign of mouth problems. Food is not the only factor contributing to your pet's health, its dental hygiene also plays a very important role.

To avoid tartar build-up on your cat’s or dog’s teeth, you must make a habit of brushing its teeth at a young age. Tartar is the yellow or brown deposit on the teeth; it comes from the accumulation of a lot of bacteria and small bits of food. Over time, the tooth will be completely covered with tartar. Tartar can even infiltrate under the gum, which creates a space between the gum and the tooth; the tooth then becomes less secure since its attachment is reduced. With time it becomes loose and can even fall.

To avoid bad breath, tartar build-up, gingivitis, loose and falling teeth, daily brushing is a must.

It is possible to heal a mouth in a bad condition! If your cat or dog already has tartar build-up, red gums or bad breath... scaling will get rid of the tartar and clean out accumulated bacteria from under the gums. This way, your pet will feel better again thanks to a clean mouth.

From this point on, it will be easier for you to keep your pet’s mouth clean by brushing its teeth.