Encouraging Your Cat to Drink Water

Generally speaking, our felines are not big drinkers. It is important to make sure they are well hydrated in order to maintain good urinary tract health. Some will be more “choosy” depending on the type of water received or the container.

By offering high-quality canned food, you can increase your cat's water intake. Gradually, you can add a little warm water to make a broth. Some cats will greatly appreciate it!

Here are some tips to help your companion drink more water:

  • Always leave a trickle of water for tap enthusiasts, especially on days when you have to leave for a long period of time.
  • Serve fresh water every day, as they seem aware of the water’s temperature and taste. Some of them like to drink a little water after a few bites, so be sure to rinse out their water bowl when you serve their meal.
  • Keep a good level of water in the bowl, because some cats don't like their whiskers rubbing against the walls.
  • Some cats will be motivated to drink more water if you add a drop or two of tuna or clam juice. If so, make sure you have a second bowl of water.
  • For the more finicky drinkers, you could chill tap water to improve the taste, add ice cubes, serve Brita-filtered water, distilled water or bottled water.
  • Have several bowls around the house and use bowls of different materials such as ceramic, metal or plastic. Choosing a transparent bowl could encourage him to drink more, since he will see the water level. If your cat tends to knock it over, opt for a bowl with a rubber base.
  • Offer him a water fountain! Having circulating, cooler water will encourage your cat to drink. This could be an interesting alternative for cats that drink directly from the tap.
  • Keep food and water bowls away from litter boxes.