Creating a Feline Environment

Have you ever thought that your cat may be suffering from boredom? Indeed, if you think about it, the cat is an animal strongly anchored in its roots and has remained despite its domestication, a hunter at heart! Therefore, he needs space to hide, climb, run (hunting territory) and also prey to chase and chew. As well, he wants to have access to secluded places to sleep or simply to rest from his family members!

As for his litter box, he likes a very large box that’s always clean, without a dome, and containing soft, non-dusty and unscented litter. He would like to have two (one more than the number of cats in the household) and prefers it to be located in a quiet, non-passing area.

Did you know that several health or behavioural issues arise because Kitty lives in a human home and not a feline environment? These include obesity, certain types of urinary tract infections, poor hygiene, aggressiveness, obsessive disorders, etc.

Here are a few tips to help you enrich your cat’s environment. First of all, if he doesn’t go outside, give him easy access to windows by keeping them open in the summer to provide olfactory stimulation. Install bird feeders near the window. Provide a cat tree for your cat for him to climb and hide in. Have several places to hide, safe toys to keep him moving and stimulate his predatory behaviour, and catnip to chew on (instead of your plants!)

There is an entertaining toy called Pipolino designed to feed your cat while promoting exercise and hunting behaviour. It shows great potential for preventing obesity and the many disorders associated with the shortcomings of our human homes.

Just talk to your veterinary team... they can help you build your cat’s environment with simple tips that will be most beneficial to your cat.