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General Surgery

At Vet et Nous, you can count on our experienced teams to care for your pets, no matter which surgery they need.

As if he was our own!

Our hospitals offer routine pet neutering as well as therapeutic surgeries.

Our teams are experienced in a broad range of surgical procedures.

Surgeries performed include:

  • Castration and ovariohysterectomy
  • Excision of masses
  • Abdominal surgeries (gastric, intestinal, bladder, etc.)
  • Enucleation

If your pet requires specialized surgery that cannot be performed in your hospital, we will redirect you to our nearest emergency centre or hospital:

Spaying and neutering is important because it helps prevent several health problems for your pets, such as mammary cancer and uterine infection. These conditions can be life-threatening to your pet and can result in significant and unexpected costs.
Dr Katia Rayes, v.m.
Hôpital Vétérinaire Victoria • Verdun