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Weight Management Program

Ideal weight varies by age, bread or even species. What is certain? Healthy weight management is essential for the health of your pet.

As if he was our own!

As a professional, your veterinarian is in the best position to recommend a food that is adapted to your pet's health according to its age, activity level and lifestyle habits.

Don't hesitate to share your concerns about your pet's health and your budget with your veterinarian. He will work with you as a team to find the best food that will contribute to your pet's well-being and health.

My professional experience has taught me that food has a great impact on our animals' health. Quality food can help prevent certain urinary problems, obesity as a precursor of diabetes, and parasitosis, to name a few.
Mélissa Gosselin
Animal health technician
Hôpital Vétérinaire Victoria • Verdun