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Birds and Exotic Pets

Whether it is a mammal or an exotic bird, some of our veterinairan teams can help you to provide for them!

As if he was our own!

Some of our hospitals have qualified veterinarians to care for your small rodents, reptiles, birds, rabbits, or ferrets, whether for an annual exam, vaccination or  health issues.

A variety of surgeries can be performed, notably dental procedures and the sterilization of male or female rabbits, rats, ferrets, etc.

Our specialized team working the Centre Vétérinaire Laval will be able to treat your bird or exotic pet if he needs care that can't be done at your regular hospital or clinic. 


The following teams are offering this service:


Did you know that many health problems could be avoided if birds and exotic animals were kept in an ideal habitat and fed properly at home? Our teams are here to support you in keeping these small animals with you as long as possible.
Stéphanie Provençal
Hôpital Vétérinaire Blainville