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Teeth Scaling for Your Dogs: Essential Care

Teeth Scaling for Your Dogs: Essential Care

Did you know that it is estimated that over three quarters of dogs aged 5 years and older suffer from dental disease?

Adopt a dental hygiene routine

Just like us, dogs develop plaque and tartar when their teeth are not brushed regularly. Unfortunately, too many people consider normal or insignificant that their dog’s teeth are covered with tartar or plaque (and with bad breath to boost...). These people have it all wrong, because the proliferation of bacteria in an animal’s mouth can cause serious health problems. To prevent these problems, establish a dental hygiene approved by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can advise you on the use of a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for your little friend, as well as available rinsing solutions.

Scaling: reliable protection

In dogs, tartar and plaque are not always visible to the naked eye since they are largely hidden under the gums. Thus, scaling, the procedure for tartar and plaque removal, performed under general anesthesia in veterinary hospitals is the only way to eliminate them. As with the human dentist, the method includes:

  • Teeth cleaning with an ultrasound device
  • Performing curettage under the gums
  • Polishing the teeth enamel
  • Irrigating the subgingival space.

In addition to helping prevent pain, loss of teeth, periodontal disease and infections affecting the kidneys, liver and heart that can be sometimes fatal, scaling remarkably improves the breath of your companion. Frankly, it wouldn’t make sense to do without! Our dentistry services are performed using cutting-edge technology equipment. Make an appointment today!

A healthy diet

Your dog’s meals are of paramount importance for the maintenance of their oral health. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice!