An Anesthesiologist: What Is It For?

Whether it’s for an emergency, a routine sterilization or a descaling procedure, almost all our animals will go under anesthesia one day or another.

As with human health, different drugs and techniques can be used to safely put your pet to sleep. Your veterinarian chooses which protocol to use for your animal before the procedure based on its medical history, its general state of health and its breed predispositions. Once the pet is asleep, a team of veterinarians and technicians will monitor them and ensure that everything is going well.


What About Anesthesiologists?

An anesthesiologist is an anesthesia and analgesia specialist; in other words, he is specialized in pain management and the different ways of putting animals to sleep. This veterinarian is not only dedicated to put your animals to sleep and to wake them up, but also to manage different possible complications!

As his studies are much more specialized and advanced in this area, and he manages anesthesia every day, he is able to develop a plan adapted to each animal according to its state of health. This allows them to provide safer anesthesia for patients with chronic health issues. A good anesthesiologist can prevent complications before they occur – they’re also able to manage these complications, however complex they may be, when they arise.


Why Schedule your Surgery in a Centre Where an Anesthesiologist is Present?

Many clients wonder about the usefulness of having an on-site anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists prepare the plan for all patients who are anesthetized, and are present to manage any complications (hypotension, arrhythmia, etc.) that may arise. By being in a center, they have access to equipment, a structure and a multidisciplinary team that allows optimal management of patients with health problems.


At Vet et Nous, we can count on the skills and experience of our anesthesiologists, who are there to support our veterinary teams in our different centres, hospitals, and clinics.