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General Practice Veterinarian

Hôpital Vétérinaire Ville St-Laurent

Ville St-Laurent, Qc

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Full time 35hrs

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Vet et Nous is a multidisciplinary team composed of veterinarian both generalists and specialists operating at high rank whose mission is to take care of client’s pets as if they were our own. Our teams are split in 3 emergency and reference centres open 24/7 and several general practice hospitals and clinics in the greater Montreal, Laval, Montérégie, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Mauricie, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean and Quebec region.

You play a very important role for our customers because the reason behind their visit is a very stressful time for them. They will need your empathy, expertise, and calm at all times! You work closely with our existing teams to provide the best services to customers and patients through your expertise. You perform your patients' clinical consultations, determine and apply the appropriate diagnostics to obtain the most complete assessment. You are also responsible for routine surgeries and required treatments, while ensuring follow-up care for your hospitalized patients.


Why Choose our Team?

  • Group insurance program
  • RRSP/DPSP - employer contribution up to 5%
  • Continuing education budget
  • Work apparel and uniform allowance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Sick days and work/family balance
  • Employee discounts
  • Physical activity memberships
  • Maintenance of seniority through the group
  • Unpaid leave of absence
  • Several social activities (happy hour, food truck, social committee, etc.).


Main Responsibilities:


  • Welcoming the client/patient
  • Performing the animal’s clinical exam and assessment
  • Providing excellent service to owners
  • Providing appropriate medical care
  • Communicating with people by answering all their questions appropriately
  • Respect the reason for the visit, while obtaining as complete an anamnesis as possible in the time allotted
  • Provide comprehensive follow-ups when necessary


Animal Diagnosis:

  • Selecting the appropriate diagnostic methods (X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, etc.)
  • Interpreting results


Animal Treatment:

  • Making the appropriate treatment recommendation during the consultation
  • Leading and supervising treatments given to animals
  • Ensuring follow-up
  • Supervising technical procedures


Hospitalized Animals:

  • Hospitalizing patients
  • Assessing hospitalized animals according to the S.O.A.P. method when undergoing treatment in the morning or evening
  • Ensuring follow-ups on hospitalized cases
  • Communicating on a daily basis with the client regarding the condition of their animal and the account progress
  • Interacting with the attending veterinarian, or performing case follow-up, if requested by the owner and appropriate to the circumstances


Communications / Phone Calls:

  • Answering customer inquiries and calls as soon as possible
  • Communicating lab results and other tests to clients within a reasonable timeframe If unable to return the call within a reasonable timeframe, making sure to transfer the relevant information to another veterinarian for him/her to return the call
  • Making follow-ups and ensuring the satisfactory progress of the case
  • Discussing the following with the client: differential diagnoses, treatment options, prognosis, cost, estimates, etc.
  • Directly informing the client of the diagnostic procedure (including follow-ups) and treatment costs, or making sure that the client has understood the costs as explained by the receptionists or technicians.
  • Making sure that the client has a good understanding of their animal’s medical condition



  • Performing routine surgeries



  • Preparing cost estimates for surgeries, inpatient cases, treatments, etc.
  • Informing clients of the deposit amounts for surgical procedures or inpatient treatments


File Management:

  • Documenting and completing patient files
  • Performing record keeping in accordance with Order (OMVQ) guidelines
  • Completing the medical file of patients and record all communication between the veterinarian and the client
  • Carrying out case referrals when necessary and preparing relevant documents in a thorough and complete manner



  • Prescribing medication
  • Preparing or filling prescriptions
  • Completing prescription renewals
  • Registering and updating the number of authorized renewals in the file



  • Working in close collaboration (training, communication, delegating) with the technical and technical support teams in order to motivate them and optimize the department
  • Answering questions from support staff and contribute to the development of their knowledge
  • Mentoring new veterinarians and contributing to their onboarding with the team



  • Carrying out necessary research for special cases (books, specialists, internet, etc.)
  • Presenting a professional, competent and compassionate image for both the Veterinary establishment and the profession
  • Conduct leaves in an appropriate manner
  • Reviewing recalls, adding or editing contents as needed
  • Attending meetings
  • Getting involved in public and client education
  • Taking part in the outreach and promotion of the veterinary facility: marketing activities, public relations activities, television, radio, conferences, telemedicine, articles, ongoing improvement, public education
  • Have as values : respect, collaboration, open-mindedness and commitment.


Vet et Nous adheres to employment equity principles.




General Practice Veterinarian Facility : Hôpital Vétérinaire Ville St-Laurent Place : Ville St-Laurent, Qc

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