Our team

Dr. Émy-Maude Lafrance

As if he was our own!

Dr. Emy-Maude Lafrance has been part of our team since 2023. Every day, she makes a difference in our team and in your pets’ lives through her passion and her versatility.

“I became a veterinarian because I wanted to help those who can’t express themselves in words. Animals are living creatures who are part of the family and deserve to have a long and pleasant life. Through my practice, I aim to improve their quality of life, whether it’s a rabbit, a wild animal, a gerbil, or a dog! I chose to join the Hôpital Vétérinaire de l’Ormière’s team because I fell in love with the profession when I brought my dog there in 2008!”

Dr. Lafrance received her doctorate from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Montreal in 2022. She completed an internship in zoological medicine at the same university the following year.