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Hospital Manager

Animal Health Clinic

Montreal, QC

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Full Time

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Vet et Nous is a multidisciplinary team composed of veterinarian both generalists and specialists operating at high rank whose mission is to take care of client’s pets as if they were our own. Our teams are split in 3 emergency and reference centres open 24/7 and several general practice hospitals in the greater Montreal, Laval, Montérégie, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Mauricie and Quebec region.

Important pillar of the team, your leadership and your corporate vision allow you to ensure the prompt and efficient execution of the tasks to be accomplished. To ensure the financial growth and operational efficiency of the hospital, you ensure that operational controls and administrative procedures are in place and adhered to.


Why Choose our Team?

  • Group insurance program
  • Continuing education budget
  • Work apparel and uniform allowance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Sick days and work/family balance
  • Employee discounts
  • Physical activity memberships
  • Maintenance of seniority through the group
  • Unpaid leave of absence
  • Several social activities (happy hour, food truck, social committee, etc.).


Main Responsibilities:

Administration and Strategic Planning:

  • Developing and maintaining operational policies and procedures in collaboration with the management team, and ensuring that the team follows the policies outlined in the employee handbook
  • Planning equipment requirements for the hospital and submitting them to the regional director
  • Ensuring that:
    • All requested reports (weekly, monthly and annual) are provided
    • Pricing is up to date and reviewed when necessary
    • Inventories are planned and carried out adequately
    • Etc.
  • Preparing business plans and reviewing them on a quarterly basis
  • Preparing a strategic plan on an annual basis


Human Resources Role, in Collaboration with the Management Team

  • Ensuring that the entire staffing process (recruitment, onboarding, follow-up and termination) is properly managed
  • Developing human resources for the hospital (talent management, skill development, etc.)
  • Ensuring the proper implementation and monitoring of performance management and the disciplinary process (if required)
  • Planning and facilitating various meetings with employees and the management team
  • Ensuring that a comprehensive training program is in place, and promoting continuing education
  • Keeping employee Workday profiles up to date
  • Ensuring that an employee recognition program is in place
  • Approving salary changes
  • Managing various conflicts and ensuring the mobilization of the different groups
  • Establishing best management practices


Responsible for Infrastructures

  • Ensuring that the premises and equipment are functional and in good condition
  • Optimizing resources
  • Following the preventive maintenance program


Finances and Control

  • Ensuring the profitability and growth of the company in collaboration with the shareholders
  • Developing budgets and business plans, and monitor them regularly with the management team
  • Implement and monitor control measures to ensure that billing, expenses, budgets and business plans are being adhered to
  • Overseeing the monitoring and control of accounts receivable


Client Relations, Marketing and Communication

  • Developing and maintaining the website, social media, etc.
  • Making efforts at all levels to improve the customer experience
  • In collaboration with the management team, solving client issues and ensuring good communication with clients
  • Remaining constantly on the lookout for new ideas to promote the hospital, involving the available resources
  • Maintaining good relationships with our suppliers in order to maximize their support
  • Attending meetings with the regional director



  • Proficiency in English & French, written and spoken
  • Good knowledge of MsOffice suite
  • Good stress management and organization skills
  • Self-reliance and ability to manage priorities efficiently
  • Team work
  • Good communication skills


Vet et Nous adheres to employment equity principles.




Hospital Manager Facility : Animal Health Clinic Place : Montreal, QC

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